Leavenworth Weather Forecast and Conditions

The weather in Leavenworth provides a wonderful escape when the Seattle area is grey and damp. A short two hour drive over the mountains makes all the difference in the world. Here is the forecast for Leavenworth. Scroll down for links to weather cams and a more detailed explanation of the weather trends for this area and the impact they have on outdoor activities.

The Mountain Effect

 Leavenworth has a great variety of weather due to the effect of the Cascade Mountain range .  The temperature can drop to below 0 degrees in the winter and reach above 100 degrees in the summer.  This is in sharp contrast to the Seattle area that rarely gets below the teens or above 90 degrees.

The mountains block the on shore flow from Puget Sound, keeping the moisture (and more moderate temperatures) on the west side. If you are camping in the North Cascades, you will be rained on much more frequently in the beautiful, lush campgrounds west of Stevens Pass than you will if you pick a campground on the east side of the summit.

Also, camping in the Leavenworth area is much more likely to include temperatures in the 90s than you would experience closer to the Seattle area. This is a major reason we have selected Nason Creek as one of the best campgrounds in the Leavenworth area.

The Right Weather for the Right Activities

The hiking weather in the Leavenworth area can often be too hot for many people. The shade offered by the west side of the mountains provides protection from the hot sun in the summer. The Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth areas are forested to a large extent, but not nearly as dense. This makes for a great summer vacation area, but for those of us who don't handle the heat so well, the hiking is best left for spring and early summer.

The weather makes this a perfect location for white water rafting and other activities on the Wenatchee River. During the summer months you can depend on hot, sunny days drawing people from hundreds of miles away to be on the water.

The mountains have the opposite effect in the winter. They prevent the warmer Seattle temperatures from reaching Leavenworth. 40 degrees and rain in Seattle translates to 25 degrees and snow in this winter wonderland. Looking for a great place to go tubing in the snow, or maybe cross country skiing? Leavenworth can often provide the snow you are looking for.

However, the town is often on the edge of the snowfall, so for much of the winter, snow accumulation may not be sufficient for serious fun in the snow. A more reliable choice of locations would be the Steven's Pass area or Mission ridge.


Weather Cams

Check out the Icicle Village Web Cams to see what the weather is like right now in Leavenworth.

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